feedback and comment are most welcome, although the site is pretty much a final :slight_smile:


I love it! Anime stuff is soo cool, I love the concept. Only coment I have is that in the intro when the screen surns white, you can see the box. Make it so only in between the trees turn white :slight_smile:


LoL, yea that’s tight.

Not much I can say cause it’s very well done, only comment is to make the movies transparent, so they don’t load boxes like that. Really nice though, fun to watch.

great work! man all your work is awesome!

[font=Century Gothic]great stuff![/font]
[font=Century Gothic] [/font]
[font=Century Gothic]the fence kinda reminds me of king of the hill…hehe…good job! :beer: [/font]
[font=Century Gothic] [/font]
[font=Century Gothic]itd be funny if the mount rushmore faces in the back were animated! [/font] :beam:

thanks alot guys, yea I agree with that white thingy, I have swap the layers, now it’s a lot better


Wow that is some great work I love that anime one of my favs.

That has to be the most awesome Naruto site I’ve ever seen. :thumb:!

[EDIT] Just noticed, you spelled powerful wrong on Jiraiya’s page.

I looked quick, but I think it looks awesome (but I didnt see an audio OFF option other than that great)

BTW I like the audio, I just also like the ability to turn it off! :slight_smile:


very nice you’ve captured the show really well. “sumoning text no jutsu!” very nice

So cool, the style fits everything perfect and the animation works well. One of the best anime sites I’ve seen!
My only suggestion would be to give some sort of rollover to the buttons. Perhaps fill the text and the tiny head picture in with color or something.