NebulaCore: Multiplayer Space Game

Hey all,

I’ve been working on this project for the past 6 months. Right now it’s more of an “mMO” (modestly multiplayer) since the “universe” consists of just 3 star systems of 3-4 planets each.

The eventual goal is a large, persistent game with a focus on exploration and tactical combat. Right now, it falls short on most of those goals, but the core contains most of the technical pieces required for an mmo:

[]Single, zoned universe backed by a mysql database.
]PHP gateway server for non-realtime transactional events.
[]Java game server for realtime interaction (the actual game engine).
]Socket based network protocol.
[*]Player persistence
So you can explore the universe and harvest resources, but this version has no enemies or advancement.

Check it out! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, and I’d be happy to answer any questions about it:

Thanks for looking!

Hey Kevin,
I’m building something similar, albeit without planets or star systems but as a large arena (for now) that will become a sandbox minecraftesque persistent universe.
Hope we can help each other on our projects’ similarities and encourage in their differences.

I’m using node.js for server with express for static assets and websockets for game rooms. Both client and server use typescript sharing a small portion of the core code. So client knows how to “simulate the world” but is constantly overwritten by server data. The renderers draw to a canvas’ 2D context, I wasn’t brave enough to webgl it but I plan to, once mvp is up.

I’ll definitively check your work and draw some inspiration from it.
Good luck.

Access denied on your database. The rest of the servers are still online, even after 8 years.
Please come back?

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