Need a FOXY name!

We’re looking to launch a new & unique Online Real Estate engine, which is centred around user personal management. This is a top-end tool, which will have some major unseen functionality around it, and will launch firstly in Australasia, and already have capital interest in the UK & Singapore. Can’t tell you much more for a few months.

We’ve been hugely scratching our heads and we just can’t get ‘that’ name that we’re looking for. The only thing we decided is that we want the word ‘fox’ in the name, and just need something to go with it.

Keywords for inspiration: real estate, convenient, user-centric, interactive, cheap/free, technical, innovative, contemporary, cool.

Note: the .com / / / / domains must all be free. So need some uniqueness.

We previoulsy limited it down to the following, but stumbled on the domain names with all: foxwing, ifox, foxology, foxbox

Love you guys for bursting with ideas. Logo comp. will follow, and winning namer and designer will be identified on the site, and linked to their portfolio.