Need help w/ pixel beval

guys i am trying to make bars for my site… I think it’s called pixel beval. I try to take a tutes on robouk-designs… but im having a hardtime understanding it… can anyone help me here? thanx :smiley:

This is the tute i was talking about…

What part don’t you understand exactly? It is a pretty straightforward tutorial.

part where… “OK HOLD CTRL and click on the layer with your shape on it to select it, now making sure you have the rectangular marquee active on the tools palette, on your keyboard press UP once and LEFT once to offset the selection. Now create a new layer and fill the selection in with white. HOLD CTRL and click on “layer 1” again to select it. With"layer 2” still active HIT DELETE. Now deselect (CTRL +D) now holding CTRL move the highlight of layer to down 2 pixels and right 2 pixels so it look like the image opposite."

Ok, Hold the CTRL key on your keyboard then click on the layer that contains your original rectangle.

Like where it says, make sure you have the marquee tool active in the tools menu on the left side, otherwise the rest won’t work. The marquee tool is the first tool on the upper left hand side. It is a dotted rectangle.

Press the up arrow once and the left arrow once (on your keyboard)

Create a new layer…self explanitory

Fill it with white… self explanitory

Hold CTRL again and select the layer with your original rectangle again. Like you did earlier in this step. Make sure the new layer you created with the white fill is still active (it will be blue or something ,you will know if it is selected).

Hit the delete key on your keyboard (or go to edit/cut or something, it also might be backspace on a MAC).

Deselect with CTRL+D - self explanitory

Now the next part of this I don’t really agree with. Just keep the lines layer selected and use the down and right arrows on your keyboard to move it into place so it looks like the image in the tutorial.

Hope this helps. That was only step 2! If you have any questions about the other steps, just post I guess :slight_smile:

mmm, photoshop… its the best. I eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner:)

Oh yeah “layer 1” just refers to the layer with the original shape and “layer 2” just refers to the layer with the fill. They assume you aren’t giving names to your layers which is why they have it in quotes.

hey thanx for writing so much to help me :smiley: hey another question… when i make the rentangle … do i use rectangle marquee tool or rectangle tool…? I am confused on that one cuz some tutes say…“click on your rectangle margquee tool to make a square and fill it in with blah blah” … and based on my “Paint” experience I used rectangle tool :q:

I use the rectangle marquee tool. I guess it all depends on personal preference. If you use the rectangle shape tool you will have to right click on the layer and hit “Rasterize Layer” to be able to edit the object.

If you use the marquee tool you just have to fill it with paint and everything is set.

Not to mention, if you use the shape tool, it automatically creates the shape on a new layer, but if you use the marquee tool, your fill color will end up on the layer you currently have selected.

Let me know how everything goes :slight_smile:

ok! well let me go try your steps … wish me a luck :slight_smile:

Good Luck=)

another quick question!

“Now create a new layer and fill the selection in with white.”

Am i suppose to fill it in with the paint bucket?

You can use the paint bucket yes.

Or you can select white as your foreground color and use CTRL+Backspace to fill it (or is that ALT+backspace, either way, one of them uses the foreground color as fill and the other uses the background color as fill, just test it and find out if you want :))

lol … uh-oh… I think i did something wrong…
I reviewed the tuturial… and during step2… there should be a strip of rectengle hanging on top of it? (In my case on the left/right side…I am making a vertical one) hmmmm…

My steps…

  1. I made a New File…
  2. Made “layer 1” and made a 20x500 vertical rentangle with rantengle marquee tool.
  3. filled it in with paint bucket
  4. CTRL +click on the layer that contains my rectangle… then moved it 1 up and 1 left…(just the whole thing moved)
  5. made “layer 2” and with paint bucket I filled it with white…(BUT!! big BUT!! :slight_smile: I still had Marquee tool on my rectengle… and it looked like nothing happened to layer 1 or 2 after filling it in)
  6. then CTRL +click on the layer 1… and clicked “layer 2” when it was highlighted…
    what did i do wrong? :*(

Did you click the paint bucket inside the marquee area.

If you click outside, it will not fill anything, but if you click inside the selected area, it will fill.

I am suppose to fill in the whole layer… hwhere is the marquee area for the whole layer?

but the thing is… i dont have another strip of rentangle on either side… according to the tutes… im suppose to have one

You have your main rectangle in layer 1.

You keep Layer 2 selected

Hold CTRL and click on layer one

This will select the area of your rectangle on layer 1

Your marquee however will be on layer 2. So nudge the marquee as it says, then fill it.

Keep Layer 2 selected still and then CTRL+Click on layer one to again select your original shape.

Delete the selected area in layer 2.

roger that :slight_smile:

Hopefully it works…haha :slight_smile:

hey after im done deleting… it says Now deselect (CTRL +D) now holding CTRL move the highlight of layer to down 2 pixels and right 2 pixels so it look like the image opposite. i dont get what “move the highlight of layer” is…