Need help with a slide show project

In my Slide Show i have the Clip appear and then fade. Is there a way to do that or is it better to be done as a graphic?

Put your images as a movie clip, use your next and previous buttons as movie clips. If your images are in a clip called main on your button you’d have:

[COLOR=blue]on (release) {

or something along those lines above is very basic but a jist of what you could do.

Or if you wanted the forwards and backwards impression use
[COLOR=blue]_root.main.gotoAndPlay(nextFrame());[/COLOR], etc. and have a [COLOR=blue]stop();[/COLOR] on each frame.

Not clear?

ill try and see if i can do it

wait so i turn the Forward and backward button into movie clips? how do i move around

I’m sorry, wasn’t thinking straight - you don’t need the buttons as movie clips. Just regular buttons.

Hey i can never get the root command to work. or any for that matter. Where do i go?

[COLOR=blue]_root[/COLOR] just references the root level or main timeline. When issuing command to movie clips it’s easier to use the full path. It saves problems.

I’ll try and post a simple fla. I’m busy working on a game that’s suddenly bugged out…

Give me a couple of mins…

should image 1 be a graphic or a movie file?

Try this

up there you said forward and backward button. I dont have any.

also for the slide show. i want the pictures to fade in and fade out

If you check the fla file, you’ll see that there are 3 keyframes, one for each shape. You could do a tween from alpha 0 to 100% for each shape and make into a movie clip. Then place the movie clip in the keyframe instead of just the image.

So you’d have the main image mc, with 3 mcs inside that, each with the tween.

Does that make sense?

i can move the circle around. but i cant get the other shapes. there is only one keyframe to begin with

i got hte other shapes

i think im close but after the tween then what?

I’ll need to see what you have so far…
Can you post or email your fla?

no its too big

Was it something like this you wanted.

This is again just a quick simple version. It’s 3:21 am here. I’m an insomniac.

Anyway here’s the fla

View it with CTRL+12 not CTRL+ENTER else it’ll look strange.

yes this is what i wanted.