Need opinion on advanced Flash economic simulator interface

I’d been looking around for two years for a fictitious economic multiplayer simulation. I wanted to build up a business and buy/trade stock based on the businesses success. Having no luck whatsoever, I dove headfirst into creating my own. Before starting three months ago, I had never worked with Flash, PostGreSQL, XML, PHP, Ming or the other technologies involved. A friend who had db experience, but none with Flash, PHP or XML, decided he join in the fray.

It has been three months. One month was taken off for sanity’s sake. Two months of work later, and we have I’m looking for critique on my first effort at Flash. The backend db is working, you can change information about your character, change your company’s divisions, buy resources, create products, and sell them to a market. Stock trading will work in one week. What I need is a bevy of professionals and amateurs to take a look and give me honest opinions. I’ve setup a test account with my email as the username, and the password of ‘test’. Please check out the site and read the story line under ‘Game Synopsis’, then click login and take a look around.
username: [email protected]
password: test

Thanks for taking a look. Email me with comments, or post here. That’s my address above.