Need recommendations for books

I need to know which is the best flash 5 book…I’m thinking about the flash 5 bible…Please help me…

If you are brand new to flash I’d recommend Macromedia Flash 5 - Training from the Source. It a good way to get your familiar with flash. Take care,

If you are brand new to flash I recommend not wasting the money on a book. The books don’t get good until you get into the advanced actionscripting. If you are trying to learn the basics then do some of the tutorials that are found on this site, or on other sites all over the web. I know this site has some pretty advanced actionscripting tutorials. Once you complete and understand the majority of tutorials that you come across, then the books to look for are:

Moocks book: The Definative Guide

FOE: Pretty much anything by these guys. Flash Math Creativity is amazing.

However, you should try to go to your local library first, and see if they are carrying them, and if not try to get them to order the book. It would save you a bunch of cash…

I think jubba could be right! I’m preety new to flash my self and I bought the bible on day one! I couldn’t get to grips with it at the start, but know after doing some tutorials and having a few things pointed out to me I can take alot more in when I read me bible :wink:
PS I aint preachin…
also I think this book mlarky is all down to whether you wanna spend the cash £$£$£$£$£$ you can do so much without books, but you can do awsome amounts with books aswell. Spend or don’t spend it’s up to you, the bible is preety good though :wink: