Need suggestions (unfinished site)

Hi all,

Though my site is by far not finished yet, I’d appreciate your opinion about it (I noticed that some of you guys are real pros)
The site is unfinished and it will be my first site so don’t go too hard on me :beam:
The original version is in german, you can also choose the english version (top left)



Your site need more style:

  1. I don’t like the greenish background.

  2. Make the top frame heigher, there’s a scrollbar at 1024x768.

  3. Use other fonts than the default Times New Roman.

Wehn you’re done making those changes, give us a call and we’ll look at it again :slight_smile: Not a bad beginning for a first site though, just needs some tweaking :wink:

Thanks man, that was helpful. I’m afraid I can’t increase the height of the top frame, there is just too much content (especially in the forms), and there is not enough space. Besides the scrollbars are only visible in 1024x768 if you have any additional bars in your browser (search bars etc.), that goes for netscape nav. too.
I will think about the fonts and the backround though…