Needed. Novice Flasher

OK, garbled… You sent me a link that looked like :

Hence the concatenation.
pom 0] , I’m learning new words.

I’m sorry if my links are not coming out correct… I’m not sure what to make of that. I likewise was not trying to be insulting… just saying that I didn’t understand what you were trying to say at one point.

Mucho sorriness if I insulted you.

Are you mucho sorriness if you insulted me Uppy? Well, are ya?

If you’re talking to me about the insult, I don’t know what you’re talking about. The OK, -what was that word again ? gambled ? glamed ? - was a preloader during which I checked the meaning of the word in my dictionary.
??? pom 0]

ok… obviously I didn’t insult you… good. Never mind then

Aside: Phil… that sig is really coming along. I like… and no I don’t care if I insult you. :wink:

By the way Upu, did you read my own tutorial ?? Maybe I should do the same as you did with that one : ask some Newbies to test it… Anybody interested ? Philbie, mayhan ?

Send it to me, Im going to sit down later and have a ray of light.
[email protected]

Try and make a nice one. We’ll compare them as soon as the tutorial is released. Buy the way, you’re spoiling the fun of a lot of people here.

Is it too late to volunteer? I’m brand new to Flash … and would love to try out your tutorials.

It’ll be up on Kirupa under the “Ray of Light revisited” by early in the week I think.

Can I show mine now ?? I cant’ hold it much longer…
0] pom
Rahh !! I’m cracking !!!
Fortunately, we can’t see @#%$ on that board. Why is it not considering the background color ?

And now???

Kind of neat. slow it down by 3-4X, maybe more. and maybe let it move slightly from left to right. I will be doing both you guys tutes today so stay tuned phor; philman reports…Thats really nice though pom.


I changed it. I slowed it down a little bit, and I fixed the last 2 letters whose shadows were moving backwards.
pom 0]

looking nice

Also a newbie looking to learn Flash 5.
Is it too late to beta test your tutorial?

sorry, didnt include my email.
[email protected]

It is now posted up at Kirupa’s tutorials, under “special effects”, “ray of light revisited”. All are welcome to try the effect out. I’ll try to answer any questions people have, and improve the tutorial based upon that input.