New art site... need more feedback

i hope you like it… it’s under construction but i need your comment about the idea of navigation…

thanxxxxxxxx :slight_smile:

Well, with all honesty I’m not feelin’ the navigation. I really don’t like how the buttons move in the preview section when you’re trying to go through all of the images.

ditto. Also I found it quite difficult to see the “spazio” bit on the top left.

I think the concept is interesting, but I found it hard to navigate. Seemed like I had to figure things out a lot, instead of just knowing how to browse the site. That may be what you want though…

Yea, definately an A for effort on originality on this one,
but it’s just hard to move around it.

That sound is really annoying to hear loop.

And I don’t get the laser things? Ugly and makes the text hard to read.

If you click on the nav buttons to fast you load frames or w/e on top of each other it looks like and get ahead of the animations.

Would be better if everything loaded in one way, ie always loaded in that box.

But like i said A for effort and oringinality… it’s just to sloppy right now

ehi guys…
is similar this site to (FWA 07/18)…

i hope you will said :“no!!”