||==New AS Special Effect==||

Here is a new effect I made based on alex’s site:

[swf=“http://www.macromotive.com/ebay/alpha_fade.swf menu=false height=400 width=400”][/swf]

I am in the middle of the tutorial right now but I will release it tomorrow and wanted some feedback on it! This is completely actionscript, no tweens or anything!

So do you like or no kirupa and team?


I can’t wait for the tutorial.

You are one of the best Dan (right up there with Kirupa and Ilyas)!

Thanks :slight_smile:

I set it up so that you can have 5 pictures using the effect on a 400 x 400 stage in this example but in the tutorial I will show you how you can change that!

Hey Dan,
Absolutely! That is really fantastic. Best of all, it doesn’t hog up CPU resources :slight_smile:

Kirupa :rambo:

How do you think up such genius creations?

Wow. That’s really, really cool.

You’ve officially inspired about a thousand new ideas into my mind.

Thank you again for all the responses and I hope you all like the final tutorial! I sit at work messing with random flash projects and this one looked cool to post, I’ll look for some of my older work projects to make tutorials of to if anyone is interested?

I am interested Dan. I am always into new things. And learning these cool effects is the (in my opinion) one of the best ways to learn to use AS in creative ways, instead of just simple ways.

Very cool, Dan. But without tweens, you said? So how does it work?

pom :asian:

I noticed he has 5 pictures, 1 in each corner and one in the center. I am guessing it is an _alpha change depending on the _xmouse and _ymouse position.

Oh yeah, different registration points. Thanks, I’m a bit fuzzy this morning. :slight_smile:

pom :asian:

not too difficult either… I should think. At first, I wasn’t all that sure what was going on… but it definitely has some possibilities.

Yes, no tweens…and it was simple like david said! But hey give me some credit for the random creativity :frowning:

Hey, you can have all the credit you want. Simple or not, this is very creative and gives an awesome effect. It gets two thumbs up from lostinbeta :slight_smile:

Hey Dan… you’re one of the best coders I know… I wasn’t trying to downplay it. Sorry bout that. :slight_smile: I do love the effect. Simplicity is just a bonus.

I love you too upuaut…can you change your name, I miss the old one!

For all of you that don’t understand that, david used to be ‘upuaut’ in the old forums.

How about this

(see title)

Good Job, ya gotta let em know who the OG’z are from the old forums! :stuck_out_tongue:

i want that tutorial!!!

david how did u make ‘aka Upnaut’ under your pic, i cant find how to do it.