||==New AS Special Effect==||

After you’ve made enough posts you can edit what it says there in your user options.

I’m pretty sure you have enough posts now, so you should be able to do it…

Click on User CP near the top of the page, then click on “Edit Profile”. Down near the bottom should be a “Custom User Text” field where you can change what it says there. Then just click on “Submit Modifications” and you’re done.

Hey mdipi,
There is not limit to the number of posts you need to make to change your title. Just go to your options and change the title :slight_smile:

Kirupa :ninja:


I am almost done with the tutorial, I have all the .zip, .fla, and .swf files ready and am done with your tutorial template am just adding finishing touches so do you want me to just .zip them all up and put the file on my server or send them to your email?

kirupa and dan,
thanks for the help. One more thing, kirupa how do you make your stages (like your footer) in those shapes?

Hey mdipi, just use the line tool and the paint bucket, but be creative. An area of lines has to be closed for you to use the paint can, you can’t just draw a top line and a bottom line, you need to close it with lines on the side (you can close them off the viewable area if you want the area to reach the end of the screen).

I just took a look through what you did. It’s quite an amazing product for the lines of code that are in it. Very nicely done.

Hopefully we can pester you into doing more tutorials of the same nature.



Just a thought, Dan. When you move your mouse quickly, the transition get’s jerky. Why don’t you try and make it smoother. It shouldn’t be too difficult.

As I said, just an idea.

pom :asian:

something I forgot to ask in my previous post. I looked through the code again, and you had it as /4 if it was for a 400X400 image. Because this makes it a square, I was wondering what you’d do with your code for a circular transition of the same effect? As in the area where you’re recording _x and _y for alpha values is circular.

Maybe that’s just a pain in the butt.

If you have any ideas, I’d appreciate it.


Make a mask for the pictures, and make that mask the circle size you want and make an if statement to go with the enterFrame movie clip event that only executes the script if the mask is rolled over by the mouse…sounds simple enough?

And pom…do you mean that I should add it so that inertia is associates with the mouse movement?

Yep, that’s what I meant. Something reeaaalll slow. What do you think?

pom :asian:

Sure…I’ll add it right now, sorry for not doing it in the first place…I should have thought about that!

hey there,

Thanks for responding so quickly. That’s a good idea, and I’ll have to mess around with it and see if it gives some good results like from your file.

have a good one,