New Battle- Game Spack

Well the rules are simple: You get in-game cutscene footage of a console/pc game (Has to be a real game) and make a spoof out of it. Alot like amv hell come to think about ti. That takes the mick of anime but we are doing games. ONLY CUTSCENES. You can mix and matcxh different game cutscene’s and the winners of each little event will have theirs starred on Game Spack: Collection Collide. Coming soon to download on a website near you. Each round I will say a new song to do. Also oyu are only allowed to submit one entry every round. so make it your best.

Song this round - ANY

As this is the first round you can do anything.

Your submissions should be sent to my email: [email protected].

Entry close date for this is 20th April (Dead on).

My Example:—Prince-of-Persia-1
Sorry, I might not have said but you cannot put your OWN text onto your submission like kallum shah (ocelot) has. Just do the vid and send it to my EMAIL. Not putfile. Remember no text on it like your name or what it is, just send it to me.:cowbell:
Plus i said only cutscenes NOT in-game footage
Also also please put a post on this topic that youve sent it and what it is./

As you can see mine is really bad. Well as it was done in 5 minutes its okay. But doesn’t match the song that well. REMINDER; 20th is deadline get sending through email now!!!

I have arrived… With my entry, Feast your eyes on this 30 second party piece!

I return to you with another of my creations!
I bring you… THIS!!

hmm intresting ocelot. I feel abit copied though if you know what i mean. and i did say 1 entry per round

Nice Ocelot. It was well timed with the music.

Sorry, but Ocelot’s p of p was much better. :whistle:

I know. Lol. But he has to pick his best one for his submission to the round and he has his name on it and he has no project file to remove the name. anyway, Where the hell is everyone else submissions lol. He did his in litterally 5 minutes because hes my brother. Don’t worry, it will be a fair vote when it comes to the end of the round. :beam:.

I’m sorry Ryan, but your rules suck. I don’t think I can make even a half decent movie with those rules, I need to put my name on so nobody steals it. Its a bit like a burglar alarm on a house, without one your 80% more likely to get burgled.

Besides, I made a better one!!

thats why you don’t put it on putfile and sent it straight to me so no one know’s what you have done until the round is over.

Come on people!!
Get off your seats and post some!
I’m not doing it all!

you guys…get off your *** and make something only a few days left!!
So far ocelot is winning!