New business Logo

Hi everyone,
It’s been a while since i’ve been to these forums and i can see a lot has changed :slight_smile: I am currently working on a logo for the Slovak-Japanese chamber of commerce in Slovakia and would appreciate any constructive feedback, positive AND negative :wink: The more feedback, the more i can improve so please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

[SIZE=3][COLOR=Red]UPDATE[/COLOR] [/SIZE][COLOR=Red][Logo_new.jpg][/COLOR]**[SIZE=3][COLOR=Red][COLOR=Black] :[/COLOR] [/COLOR][/SIZE]**Same concept, new design! Changed the growth curve, removed the bottom panel. Please share your thoughts. Thanks

I like it. At first the extended arrow illustration was bugging me, but it’s fun and light.

Is there a light drop-shadow behind it? Have you tried removing that? or does it become too flat?

… can’t really comment on anything else, I like it :slight_smile:

Quite like the concept, but make the text less squashed, i.e. give it some more padding and make the red bar at the bottom taller and the letters taller.

Thanks for the quick comments. There is a light shadow but removing it makes it look too flat, i think.

insaniak, what do you mean by “more padding”? Do you not think that bigger letters would dominate the logo too much?

[quote=DeadPixel;1985314]Thanks for the quick comments. There is a light shadow but removing it makes it look too flat, i think.

yea … figured as much.

Do you guys think the logo would look better without the red bottom?

Agree with Insaniak. Make the letters taller a bit. Otherwise very good start. :wink:

A few things I would do.

Only because I was like wtf, before I read your description. I would add the mean of the acronym under the logo.

Drop the red around SJOK. And use a stately looking Serif font.

The flag to the left gets kinda washed out because of the white top. Not sure if that is on purpose but would look better if the blue extended up to the top. Right now it doesnt feel like 2 flags separated by the stripe.

Speaking of the stripe. i would go with a more jagged wall street looking strip. I think you were trying to sybolize growth between the 2 flags/areas. And the wavy line just doesnt do it well IMO.

I like the concept, and with a bit of tweaking can be very strong. Good Job.

DDD, thanks a lot for the feedback. was exactly what i was looking for.
The problem is, i tried it without the red bottom with only “SJOK” stretched underneath the logo but even though i tried over 40 fonts (apart from the standard microsoft ones) it didn’t look right no matter how i streched and skewed them :frowning: Tried with shadow and without, bold and italics but i always feel like the red bottom makes it complete. I agree with you though, i would rather drop it.
Also, can’t do anything about the white cause the flag is meant to be white/blue/red :wink:
I’ll change the growth line and upload a new version tomorrow. Thanks again

its like, too much for a logo