--What do u think about my logo?

Need opinions, what do u think??


The only thing I would suggest is toning done the shadows a bit.

Other than that, it looks good!

i i like it…fix the smile line a lil bit…make the distance of the shadow “0”. right now it looks a lil weird

I like it!

It looks a little crooked, like rotated about 2-3 degrees clockwise.

Also I like that orange smile.

The only thing, is that the “F” and “C” eyes get kind lost in all the white. Might think of ways around that…or choose a different background color.(one that matches white and orange)

Good job.

Thanks! ok, check out the changes, I tone down the shadows, now the F and the C are more clear, I like the orange background but the smile is now white, which one??

I would get rid of the shadow all together, make the background a different color than the rest of it, either a drastically contrasting color, like black, or dark blue, or a complimentary color, like a pastel blue, or light green color, or something. You can add some outer-glow, with a medium color, if you want, to help outline the actual image some. Otherwise, nice logo, the shape works :beam:

the other one…

I like the orange better, it is very difficult to make a logo with cutouts… too hard to read…

the only prob with the orange, is that you will always have an orange square… then what happens if you want to put it on a lavender background…

just things to think about.


i like the Orange one myself, but in reference to Rev’s post, if you stick with a white (or transparent) background, I would either make the white part another color, or add a thick, and completely contrasting color for either a glow, or a stroke like to seperate the image from the background.

If you go with a white background I would go with a nice dark solid color like maroon or such. Or a deep navy blue.

I like the orange background, I would leave the shadow out as it appears to do that gray blur illusion deal on the eyes. Orange, deep red, or deep blue would seem to fit it.

Nice work.

and is it me or is the thing still slanted, i’ve got pretty good eyes for leveling…this seems just a bit off.

*Originally posted by prstudio *
**and is it me or is the thing still slanted, i’ve got pretty good eyes for leveling…this seems just a bit off. **

I don’t think it’s truly slanted, but since everything seems to be on the right (the smile, the arrow things, and the other words), I think the image plays a little bit of a trick on your eyes…
I might suggested balancing out the image a tad bit by moving the words around a little, or putting something on the left to draw the eyes…
Then again, my head could be lopsided, and it looks straight to me, even though it really isn’t… :beam:

i cant tell anymore at least not by sight

lol :slight_smile:

[breaks out ruler]
Hmm… hmmm… mmmhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…AHA!
Well, I have learned something!
…I need to buy a straighter ruler…

Use the orange one without any shadows… Maybe an exterior glow…

nice logo dude,

but let me be picky and say theres a little too much to it, you have arrows, curves, circles, type. To me it looks like two logo concepts for the same company , both have graphical content on them, both can be a logo on its own, the company logo with arrows and a then the symbol.

Dont get me wrong, Both look really good IMO but ask yourselve do they work together?

[enter thinking music]

If you think yes… then i would try the logo in the orange when you use it on white backgrounds (smilie white maybe or grey) then reverse that when you use it on a orange background make the logo white.

hope you can find this criticism constructive.

ok, some changes! what do u think?? opinions, opinions! The colors are orange and white, I have to play with those colors only… and soulty u r completely right about the logo, they could work as 2 separate, but it´s not up to me right now, but I think it works; man it´s hard to decide which one

Keep the orange background, and the shadows.
I really don’t think you need to improve on the one with the orange background.

i like this latest one the best…very good imo

I like the one with orange outline, but not as good as the one with the orange background. I would suggest moving the outline from the eyes and nose of the face, and making it orange.

i like this new one the best…what if you made the whole face the same color (like the circle outline) and then left the words?

I like this one, but my eyes are drawn to f c too quickly.