New logo - feedback

hey everyone, I am trying to design a new logo for my company called GRAFiK designs. This is the first draft I have come up with, eventually I will make a 3d version for my site, and greatly improve it in general… this is just like a blueprint… any and all comments welcome.



not to upset you or anything… it just seems pretty dark…

if you like dark colors then you did it perfectly but if you want a more lively more interactive approach to your logo you can maybe change the colors to something that grabs more attention…

just an opinion. :slight_smile:

I should have mentioned this in my first post… the color means NOTHING!!! only the black logo design… it was just a backgraound color I picked for viewing… sorry bout that, I am looking for opinions on the BLACK portions of the logo.


looks pretty good :slight_smile: nice curves hehe

it looks pretty good to me…

if we’re talking about the black part I mean…

post the final look of the logo ayt?

Looks good, my only concern would be, how would it look small (e.g. on a business card). Would you still be able to read the type on the top and bottom? Or does that not matter? Otherwise it looks great :slight_smile:


i like the first one better, but if you would do that thicker/3d effect on the first one it would be even nicer.

I agree with storm put a bevel/emboss on the first one and change the color of the background!

yeah that is nice!

Big impovement, I think this one’s a keeper!

ok here are the two options I am looking for feedback on. ( I removed them from the previous posts)

contestent 1

contestent 2

Feed back please…


definately the second one!!!

second 1 i would say its cool

second(in dutch: tweede)

thanks for all the input thus far



I would do with the second one… the back’s nicer… and at least we’d all know what GD stands for… which we all would want… the exposure I mean… learned this from class!! :slight_smile: haha


– Kate