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Hello everybody,

i`m new member in kirupa.com.

I wanted to show something intresting to you all, but i don`t have what to show. so i just want to know what do you think of this:


I made this site 2 years ago (2001 02)

p.s.: excuse me for my english :slight_smile:

not too bad. what are you working on now? let us know . . .

For a site made 2 yrs ago, I say its okay, but it lacks professionalism which is understandable. As is, its too busy, too unorganized, too confusing and too many ads. Do you have any current examples? =)

hm… this site is simple and really unprofesional but… i like it :slight_smile:
The site is hosted in freeservers.com so it`s full of ads

electrongeek, what do you mean saying that it`s too busy and confusing? :slight_smile:

Current examples? I`m working on my new website =)

When I say it’s too busy I meant that there is too much stuff going on and I think you could cut down on some of it.

Since you have a vector based layout, I think you could simplify it a bit more.

As for the confusing part, I can’t read your language so when I click on something in the menu and the menu dissappears, it took me a few seconds to figure out how to get the menu back.

So you’re making a new site? Post it when you’re done, we would like to see it. =)


[SIZE=1]yes my language is very uncommon and difficult :)[/SIZE]

Actually I ain`t gonna change anything in this site.

electrongeek, you`ve said that you hate pop-ups but what do you think of fullscreen windows?

Well I’m not too fond of full screen windows either, but as long as you provide a way for the viewer to close the full screen window then I guess it’s ok. :smirk:

well… Most of it is text and I have no idea what language it’s in so it’s kinda hard to get an opinion.
I’d personally prefer the animation for the buttons to happen on rollover instead of a set time. It’s not very clear how to get to the main menu once you’re in a category. But then again, maybe it is when you speak the language.
Over all, the look is pretty cool but it’s hard to stay there more than a minute unless you know what you looking for… If there is an english version that I missed, let me know and i’ll check it again…

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

No, there`s no English version, but I will do it in my new site :slight_smile: