New design

well, this is some kinda new design, i was messing around with pen and paper and somehow this came out:

its just the design, so please be a little bit patient, because i have not yet found the time to build in a preloader… none of the links work so far, thats because i have not yet done anything except this start-page. before i continue work, i would like to know what you think about it…

no content yet too, so please ignore the content of the textfields :crazy:

I’m afraid it’s a little too minimalist for my liking. I think that a larger area for the news might be a good idea and centering the whole thing in the middle of the page. And perhaps a mouseover for when you move the mouse over the up/down squares of the scrollbar? Some form of frame/case or an animated background (perhaps an interactive fish tank?) might add a whole new level of quality to the design but right now, I’m not too keen on it.

I think the idea behind the design is a solid foundation for a website but you might want to explore it a little more. The mouseover effect for the navigation links is simplistic but effective and you certainly stick to blue rather well :).

Please take no offense at these comments - they’re just my opinion.

Hope this helps,

thanks for your comment.

for myself, i really like minimalistic design. i think minimalistic is what the web should be. but there has to be a limit…

well i certainly will put the site into the center, and i will animate the background of the frames. animating the buttons of the scrollbars is also a good idea, ill try it…

about the interactive fishtank… my first website was like that, and a fishtank isnt minimalistic anymore, isnt it?

i will shurely concentrate on blue in the future

Thanks for considering my suggestions :).

As for the minimalist fish tank - no, I don’t think that your old fish tank is minimalist. However, perhaps just an outline of the tank (dark blue?) and the outlines of bubbles, fish, and whatever else you decide to put in there?

I’m certainly no webdesign guru but if you give it a try (don’t break your back doing it at first) and see whether you like it, then it might be worthwhile and you might even decide to use it :).

Your old fishtank also included the navigation within it, which rather spoils any chance of it being minimalist. Perhaps just the outline-style fish tank with a few animated bubbles and fish running in the background of the website?

Good luck,

well this site wont have anything to do with fishtank. it will be some kinda community for me and some friends to show off our html/flash/photoshop work and some forum…

Ahh I see. Well then, nm about the fish tank idea :slight_smile: (although, you could always use that to show off your flash skills :thumb: ). I’ll be happy to offer further comments when you make your improvements if they’re of any use to you.


thanks, any comments are always highly appreciated…