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Havent seen a nice website for a while now. This one is my pick. Nice layout and the colors fit well. Animation and transitions also compliment this cool website. I really have to check out us’ audio zip pack. Havent used it yet but from the site, there are some really nice tracks.


I really like the use of colors on the site. It just fit right.

Hehe… I like this site. I was just pointing this out to DDD last night. I have a bad habit of looking at everyone privacy policy and legal stuff. The reason I do this I dunno… but I’ve noticed that for some reason that the 2A legal crap is always ripped off. I know it’s minor, but still… pretty sad none the less. I do like it though… seems like I’ve seen something similar to it. I really like the transitioning.

Yeh I know about 2ad and all the whole wrapsheet. Suprisingly, its the first time Scott’s (Driftlab) site navigation worked for me lolz. The nav never worked for me, keep clicking the menu but nothing ever happen… till now :smiley:

:stunned: I just ran across this thread when looking through my stats. I checked 2A legal info and you’re right… it’s almost the same. To be honest the legal and privacy information was from an early client for their website and I have always modified and reused it.

A quick google search shows that you are right on the money on everyone ripping the legal information:

Either it’s a template out there that everyone is using like or it’s getting passed around.

Either way I quickly pulled the information down and I will be rewriting it today. I guess it kinda defeats the purpose of having copyright information on your site that’s lifted from another. :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw… thanks for the comments and thanks to you I am sure I too will be looking at every site’s legal from now on. :wink:

very cool, anyone knows what font they are using?

i think new ezra got it’s idea from hugo’s…the part where colors change when you click on the other section…

I dont see any resembelance. Hey New Ezra, ive heard about you might be getting a bs?

this site is amazing, i love it. usually, seeing one of numerous dark gray sites turns me off immediately but this is great. sweet music too.

Not really saying anything, but reminds me of this simp:

same color thing going on with that background like same range different color - way different, but they feel like cousins or something

LoL, I never thought of doing a google search on it b4, now that’s funny!

PR. I don’t think it looks like anything I’ve seen b4… but it just has that trendy feel.

BTW. NE congrats on your SOTW win. IMO that was one of the SOTW that had the most talent in it. GJ

^just saying.

I think it is a superb site btw - i love well all of it. :slight_smile:

cool site. i love the neon on the front page.