New Forum and Template

I recently got the XMB forum installed and wanted to see what everyone thought about my modifiying and such.

Also this is not a scam to get everyone to join. If you want to join fine, but it’s on your own free will. I just everyone to critique on what I have done to it. I have done a LOT of code moding to get it to look like it is. Some are small and some got rid of bigger things that I didn’t want in there.

Btw, do you like my Flash banner?

The address is:

It’s nice but I think it would a lot better without the gray border around all the cells. Kind of dark, but you were obviously going for that style, so that works. Looks nice.

Dj - the content tables seem to squish a little too much when the window is resized. You may want to set the width to an actual pixel value equal to that of your header :slight_smile:

I like it!
Just some little modifications here and there, and it’ll be great.
But gosh, have I seen that header like 20 times before? :stuck_out_tongue:

Great idea Kirupa. Thanks for the idea. Wow why didn’t I think of that. Stupid stupid stupid. Lol.