New layout

hej peeps … atm i’m working on this new
portfolio/sketchbook site …

this will become the main site background [check here]( site index.html)

please let me know what think of it … and more :slight_smile:

hope u peeps like it …


Bit p0rnographic for here I think

I think it’s cool. it’s not that offensive… and if it’s gonna be a background… I assume it wont divert attention too much?

I actually really like it, the style is great. :slight_smile: Did you draw the images? A bit of an impudent question, I know, but I think they’re fantastic…

The only thing is that it’s well off the width of my monitor and I’m running at quite a high res. So the navigation is off to the right somewhere, I have to scroll for it.

love it bit high res tho and i love the drawings :slight_smile: if they r your’s :smiley:

wow … thnx peeps for your positive reactions

all artwork is done by me

everything is done with my new WACOM pen and i hate to
admit … but yes i use photo’s as reference :smiley:

the WACOM thing really rules bigtime … on paper my drawings
are not really good or anything like that but with my WACOM
(which i got 3 weeks ago) its like “i’ve seen the light” hehe

as for the style, i really dig the fact u peeps like it … i’m kinda trying to create my own “style” and , having read the replies,
i think i’m definately heading into the right direction

so … again thnx for the replies …


PS. oh jah forgot to say … i have to agree with Soul on the
****ograpic part … i didn’t really notice it before but it is like
you are really looking up her crack :smiley: so i “stylishly” covered it
up ( mebbe i will try to apply for design job or some like that
with this site :slight_smile: )