New Logo Design, Thoughts and Comments Welcome

Hey I’m currently redesigning my website and I was wondering if anyone could give me their thoughts. The website is for my computer consulting/builiding/ISP businesses, even the ISP one does have its own website. You can view the old logo at the actual website and the new one is here:

If it’s too small I can resize it…it’s 72 ppi here, but in the psd it’s 600 so if bigger is better just ask and I’ll post up a bigger one. Actually, any comments about the old website I have up would be welcome, too. And before anybody starts flaming that the website sucks for a computer business and whatnot, I was 16 when I made it, which is not too young, but not too old either.

Thanks for your input!

-Omar Ramos

Is that the redesigned version?

What kind of feedback are you looking for?

Seems the whole thing could use an overhaul.

True Ethan, But it is a step ahead what he had before this.

Yeah, all I have done so far is just the logo, but I’m thinking of going with a lighter color scheme as the one I have seems a little too dreary. Add some flash elements ;), rollovers, you get the idea. Just keep on coming out with the responses, because I really would like to improve on the site a (really big number here) percent and your input will be taken highly.

Thanks again,

Omar Ramos

I don’t think my old site was ever too hot to begin with…the logo wasn’t too bad and the buttons were fairly plain. I have a cousin that does this for a living and he whipped those out in a few minutes to show me how to do some of that stuff…my first class in photoshop :). Too bad I know now that I didn’t know Jack then (you know Jack, the photoshop guru ;). Yeah, more input though like I said is going to be greatly appreciated as I’m really trying to learn all that I can so that I can design a really great website that will be a resource for any local visitors from my area. In case you’re wondering this is how some websites for computers look in my area:

Vasqo one isn’t too bad, just incomplete…the other one on the other hand…



the layout of is such a ripoff from msn!

That’s so true, Vasqo does look like a ripoff of hotmail or something. Any more comments on my website? Not really the content cuz there’s not much there, but improvements on layout structure, color schemes, buttons, nav, fonts, etc. And where it looks like I’m heading with the new logo…as the site will eventually be based on a similiar color scheme to the logo.

Thanks again,

Omar Ramos

P.S. This picture is a little bigger, it’s a wallpaper I made for this LAN party one of my friends had yesterday.

It’s a WIP, but I think you will get bored of the blue background, and will be a pain in the rear to change down theline. Don’t worrytoo much about comparing your site to those in your area, that’s irrelevant. I like your picture from post #7, but when the image isn’t viewed at 100% the details distort. I would stick to a vector based image so you can resize it since you will be using it for various purposes. That’s my two cents…Keep on working on it

Which blue background did you mean when you said I’d get tired of it quickly? As for vector based drawings…I’m still learning but I’ll get it soon :). I always save the pictures I do in Photoshop at 300 dpi, so that when I reduce it to the 72 dpi for the web, the pictures come out real crisp.

Thanks again


Web graphics are oblivious to dpi, that is only used in print. You could save them at 1 dpi and it would look the same. The only thing that will keep them crisp is storing them in a large format or keeping them in a native vector format. If you don’t believe me, save the file twice - at different dpi’s - and look at the size (doesn’t change).

The image is fine, but looks to have some banding and aliasing. It’s like it isn’t resampling when resized. Try saving the image as a gif instead of a jpeg.

yes, the new one is better. Just don’t like the overall design, font choise aesthetic. I feel like i’m shopping for car parts.

One issue I noticed - when you stretched the two large initial caps (or when you squashed the other letters) vertically, that distorted the angle that the letters have, relative to each other. So, I’d recommend balancing that out - either skewing the two large letters so they’re more angled, or doing the opposite to the smaller letters. I’d go with the first method, though - I think it would look better if the two larger letters were angled as much as the others.

Dunno dude, I think its funky, and fresh . nice one

Thanks guys for the replies. I had been gone a while visiting the Air Force Academy up in Colorado. Compared to El Centro (pronounced Hell Centro because it gets blistering hot over here) I really liked the area.

Thanks again for the critiques,