New Site - New Flash Forum

Hi I would like to invite everyone to check out our site. We also just posted a new forum (with the same scheme as the site) Let me know how we can improve them (site forum). The buttons are just for now. I’m making them one by one to match the rest of the site. It’s php based.

wow, thats really good. i liked the color scheme, cause it went really well with the content of the site. one question. why do i have to scroll down to see a blank window at the bottom. maybe incorporating that into the site would make it a little better. still really cool site.

the interface stuff was really nice, and the forum was cool. i can tell a lot of work went into both. nice job.:A+:

btw, the “dirty harry eyewake” wallpaper was really cool. :wink:

just some suggestions

  1. get rid of the popup! it’s not needed

  2. that high pitch rollover button sound is really annoying

other than that it looks good to me…excellent work :slight_smile: