Tell Me If This Works Please

I made these pages but I need to know if the preloader works correctly. Can anyone help me please??
(all of the images on this page should go to a preloader)

Also any helpful tips or anything like that would be appreciated.

Negative on the preloader…

i dont see a preloader either :confused:

idont see any preloader either

I’m not really liking the black background, maybe if you went with a lighter brown than what you have for the buttons as the bg and make the margins “0” it could make a huge difference.

forget it

oh and Craz
my girlfriend says “thank you!”

she’s been saying that for awhile.

Anytime jp182.

I think that would look much better on white! Nav doesnt have to be so blocky, that’s what’s all this flash hype about, to change these kind a navs to something better! If I were ur client I would tell you to give it a second try!


Also you have some horizontal scrolling going on which makes the site look very amature, fix that and the margins with a lighter brown and you’ll be good.

well the colors were beyond my control and the client kept complaining that it was taking too long to load (despite the fact that I told her that was because of the amount of images).

So I had an idea, i scraped the flash to see if she noticed and of course she didnt :\

as for the preloader goes, hit ctrl enter in flash then hit it again and that will give you an emulated preloader plus you can adjusts its settings. or when you go to preview movie then once the movie comes out go to sho streaming

hope it helps

cool banner

jp182, if you really want to get flash down here’s a few tips on how I did.

#1: Start with design (you can have all the action script in the world but if your site looks like ****, it wont matter.) Just start making some really cool layouts in flash, use different color combinations to get a feel for all kinds of colors that way you know what goes best with what and so on.

#2: Compression, there are actually people out there still with 56k modems and don’t want wait around forever for a 1mb swf to load so compress as much as possible and point your site more towards 56k than cable or dsl connections.

#3: Alot of people don’t know this but for text make sure you text is on an even number on the X: and Y:. For instance if you have text that’s placed on X: 105.7 and Y: 50.3 make it X: 105 and Y:50 and it’ll look remarkably clearer.

Just start with the basics and work your way to straight coding which is so unbelieveably hard (atleast I think) but if you can learn how to hard core action script, your set.

thanks i appreciate the help :\

Anytime jp182