New website

What do you guys think. Tell me what you like, dislike.
It’s not finished yet, but you’ll get the idea. Only the button projects works…
Thx in advance. :slight_smile:

Greetz The Quick :beam:

OMG this is awesome! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well… one thing though (minor)

Try increasing the fps… the cloud background moves a little choppy, and so does the image row in the top…

I’m sure others will tell you the same…

But otherwise: NICE!! :A+:

Pretty sweet. =)

Like eilsoe said the FPS has to be turned up also you might want to get rid of the pannel that covers up you text. It’s a little anyoing to have part of it cut off(but it says "under construction "so mabye that pannel won’t be there anyway).

I liked it it had origonality.

I liked everything except that it opened a new window, and left me with a useless open window. :asian:

Just one of my pet-peaves… I hate it when sites pop-up on me… =)