New York Times

Wow! I love it instantly. :slight_smile:

nice! very nice for a news site:)

i think the article pages are nice, but the homepage and sectional homepages blow. they look like a big clusterf of text to me.

actually, i’m not even sold on the article pages being nice. they’re nice to look at, but they should really show related articles.

As news sites go its not bad, however didn’t expect to see one of these sites in the “kool” section :wink:

It’s cluttered cause it’s a news page. Unfortunately that’s something that’s very common, amongst news sites. Nice site though… real nice coding.

nice site …

Really nice clean CSS. Very fast load.

yeah, it is unfortunate. some, like the wall street journal, actually do a decent job of managing all that text.

eh - it’s nothing special, there is no visual focus throughout the page - the font renders better on a mac, but the page itself really is nothing special. Nice coding comes in at - the switching tabs and the expanding accordion news stories.

New York Times has a lot of text, but there is nothing to say “this is where I start reading first.”

They tried to emulate a newspaper layout with their site, but it didn’t quite make it.

I’ll second that. I don’t like it at all. Especially the lack of visual focus. Had even a few 404’s when browsing through…

Hmm… you’re right about the focus problem, but I still love it. :lol:

So hot…

Yeah, I second the impressiveness in terms of loading, but also the sentiment that I have no idea where to start.

They should really go with something more similar to , or at least Google News. has to be my favorite MS site ever. It’s so friggin awesome, just mess around with it for five minutes and you’ll see. It’s like Google’s personalized page, but waay better. (Finally, Microsoft beats Google in something:wink: )

too bland needs style :slight_smile: even tho its a news site.