Newbie here need some help

Im new to flash mx and i dont know how to do any of the special fx like fading into the next scene,zooming in and out, how to make certain things transparent and so on if u could please help me that would be great.

Check out all the tutorials at (make sure you check the ones for Flash MX, some Flash 5 tutorials will not work in MX). They are great tutorials and will teach you most of what you to know in the beginning.

Here is a link to the basic Flash MX tutorials…

i looked at those basic tutorials but it didnt have what i was looking for. are there any websites that could help me.

What exactly are you looking for?

im looking for special fx like i see some movies do like a matrix type of effect i wanna know how to do that. i also wanna know how to fade from one scene to another, and i also wanna know o zoom into my project so that it appears to zoom in when i play the movie.

i also have anothe problem, im making a mega man flash movie and whenever i try to paste a beam or laser it has a white blank backround and i cant get rid of it i used paint at first and then switched to psp and tried masking but still it wont go away.

Let’s see, matrix effect I have no clue how to do, there is this link on random letter cycling which produces a cool effect. It is for Flash 5, and I didn’t test it in MX, but it just might work…

Fading from one scene into another isn’t difficult, that just uses the _alpha setting which can be found in a tutorial about fading text at the link below. The same effect can be applied to a box to fade in and out of a scene…

As for the white showing up, Flash only supports transparency for .gif and .png files. Otherwise it will show up with a white border. Unless of course your original image has a white border, then that is why.

ok ill try that thanx for all the help

i still need help with the white backround that is around my image when i paste it into flash. i tried changing the file to a .gif then i tried .jng but it still didnt work are there any other people that can help me.

Did you save your file as a .gif with preserved transparency? If you don’t save it with preserved transparency it will default to saving it with white in the transparent areas.

What art program do you use? If it is Photoshop I can help you to do that. If not, I don’t know how to help you do that. There is usually a checkbox or something when you save as a .gif that says “Preserve Transparency” or something.

no i use paintshop pro. i will see if i can get photoshop. is there a demo that i can d/l?

There is a free demo at , but I believe a friend of mine tried that and they recently disabled the ability to save in their demo.

I never read post with titles like this one, some others do, some don’t, it’s just too long to look through all those “i need help”, “urgent help”, “i give up”, “newbie needs actionscript hero” , or whatever else is meant to grab attention, it just doesn’t, state what you want/ what the problem is in the title, so everybody knows if it’s interesting, if they might know the answer, if they’d like the answer too etc…

And now I’m going to post that in all the other one’s with similar titles…beerdrinkers and hellraisers…(ZZ Top)…

I completely agree eyez. I know I have gone into a thread with an indirect title only to find that it is on a subject that I don’t know too much about and I can’t help anyway.

ill remember that next time i make a post. anyways i just got photoshop and i went to save it as a .gif and i didnt see that transparency button where is it located??

That was a rather quick time to get Photoshop. How did you get it so quick?

my friends friend let me borrow it since he wasnt using it anymore

That was very gracious of him/her. I just realized I forgot to answer your question…

To have transparency in your .gif go to File/Save

Choose “CompuServe GIF (*.gif)” from the drop dowm menu.

Underneath the “Forced” drop down box is a checkbox that says “Transparency” make sure that is checked and it will save as a transparent .gif.

ok i did that and it stilll wont work i tried pasting it from photoshop to flash then i tried opening it in flash and it still gets the white border behind it. is there anything else that i have to check or change???

The whole background is white or does it just have a tiny white border around it?

the whole backround behind the image is white