Newborn designs, what d'you think?

Hey all,
I would appreciate feedback on this design(I still need to complete the text on pages and stuff).
Also what do you think about the name? If I can decide on that then I can buy a domain and proper hosting.
Good and bad is all welcome, thanks in advance.

Seems a bit dull for me, maybe some more color and less grey would help make things more interesting. Simplicity is good, but here it’s way too simple, it looks unprofessional with the color sheme you went with.

Also the text is a bit huge for my taste, looks like it was thrown in real quick and I think the text color needs to be changed too. It looks bad with the color you’re using now.

As for the name, I think it’s ok, but I don’t see how the name relates to the layout of the site as all. Usually a website’s name is tied into the site’s theme somehow so you might want to give that a though before buying a domain.

I think you should replan things out and make a few changes, good luck. =)

the Good:

I like the rollovers on the buttons and th enav colors.

the Bad:

text color. I would think about lightening up the gray background and/or matching text color to the nav color.

text size. Way too big.

Oh and the “loading…” sequence should run through a bit faster I think and lose the red.

i think with the nav and a simple but ineresting layout you can make a nice site here. Just keep plugging away at it.

Good luck.

thanks for the feedback guys I’ve been making a few changes to the colour scheme and text(offline). I do know the text was too big, but I’m also not going to make it tiny like a lot of sites do, I’ll find a nice user-friendly legible size.

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**Hey all,
I would appreciate feedback on this design **

hmm well… i don’t see much of a design… you have a box and some buttons, if you are trying to run a business, move away from the geocities sites/ banner ads, they don’t look nice to a client…