News Bulletin

Hi guys,

I’m inserting a “News Bulletin” On my website. The steps I took was

*creating a text box
*converting to symbol {movie clip}
Now I want to add effect, meanning I like for it to scroll up so I inserted this:in “Action”

onClipEvent (enterframe) {
_y -= 10;

But I like for it to loop… !! Repeat itself,

I was curious on how I do that? I’m at this point now:

onClipEvent (enterframe) {
_y -= 10;
onClipEvent (enterframe) {
if ()

I’m lost from here and I dont know if im on the right track so can someone help? thank you

try someting like this:

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
this._y<endY ? this._y=startY : this._y -= 10;

endY is the coordinate when the MovieClip should return to the starting coordinate and startY (kinda obvious) is the starting coordinate of the MovieClip. =)

when I inserted that, it does the same thing as before… !! you see it scroll up only once… !! It does not repeat…uuhhmm any ideas?

did you replace endY and startY with the actual coordinates?

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
this._y<20 ? this._y=100 : this._y -= 10;

or did you define endY and startY as variables?

onClipEvent (load) {
var endY = 20, startY = 100;


see the example. :wink:

see im totally new with action script, im just learnning so bare with me…when you say endy is where the movieclip return to the starting coordinate…Im lost with what is a “coordinate” :frowning: im new so help me plz…I know that prob cracked a smile…lol so can u clarify more on coordinate ? thx alot

thx alot mate… !! works GREAT… !! two thumbs up and now I understand the action now

oh! ok. no problem. =)

yeh i sent u a pm b/c i like to show you what im striving for. i need to know how to create a news box with current news but i dont know how to keep the text inside the rectangle box so if you could help me out with the attach file.thx alot

to attach your file click here <a href=“newreply.php?s=&action=newreply&threadid=20993”><img src=“images/post_reply.gif” border=“0” width=“90” height=“25”></a> :wink:

here you go…lol i guess i didnt see that…:slight_smile:

im sorry i gave you the wrong one here you go


ok. i’ll check it out. :wink:

thx alot… !! hope you can fix that mess…:slight_smile: or tell me how

first off… don’t animate in the main timeline, make your animations within MovieClips instead (those cubes for instance) it will make your life easier. :wink:

and you don’t need to use the coordinates i posted, it was just an example. :-\

anyway, i think the problem is (if there’s a problem, everything seems fine to me) the keyframe at the end, it resets the MovieClip position.
and if you don’t want the text to be visible when it’s not over the black box, use mask. since you’re using dynamic text, in order to mask it, you must embed the font outline. run a search in the forum if you don’t know how to embed the font. :wink:

thx alot for the help… !! :wink: time to do some reading… !! see the cubes were made from 3d swift and I just inport them and thats why its like that but again thznk you

no problem man. =)

and honestly i’m sorry if i didn’t see the problem you meant. :-\

nah thats kool, you helped out alot…now i just need to read up on embeding text. so u say when I create animation its good to just convert to movieclip and do it that way instead of creating new layer in main timeline and doing there?

yeah, if you ever need to move/extract/edit the animation, it will be easier for you. :wink:

k, thx…darn I cant find that tute on masking and embedding…:frowning: