Nigthclub design? any thoughts?

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that is really cool. but whats the sunset for? should you put a picture of a club? or people dancing or something? what is the sunset represent. if i came across it, and saw the sunset, my first reaction wouldnt be a nightclub

well the nightclub has an asian/european design and the sunset represents that , i was trying to find a big cool tree but i cant find one and i dont know how to do one in bryce so i decided to put the sunset there to represent fluidity (instead of water) The nightclub isnt finished yet so i cant put any pictures of the interior and whatnot.

not to be negitive but i don’t think your design fits the purpose of “nightlife”. it is nice but i would go with a more clubby, techno type design. good job though

so what do you propose i do??

oh and whats a good site for sound effecs other than ?