Nikon D40 / D40X / D80

Which should I get ?

D40 - £299

D40X - £399

D80 - £679

I’m torn between them. I’m edging towards the D80 because its 10.2MP and has a LOAD of extra features. Also the D80 is a more professional camera, the D40 is more an entry level DigitalSLR and I’d rather start with a D80 and learn it from scratch myself than get an easy D40 and end up spending more to upgrade later on.

The D40X has 10.2MP as well but I can’t really work out the difference between them, apart from the D80 having 11point Auto Focus and the D40X only having 3point Auto Focus. They both are pretty much identical, but I’m sure the D40X is lacking in areas, hence the price difference…

I’ve been looking at the shots on the Nikon Imaging site and I can see that the D80 has better results and shots built in, I just need some backing from people here that its worth forking out £600 odd on.

OH - Nikon are doing £50 cashback on all cameras, so all cameras noted are £50 less.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.