No Wings No Halo

After six years of whinging, procrastinating, complaining, moaning, stalling and general laziness on my part, I now have a website. :slight_smile:

It’s shameless self publicity, but it’s at - go easy on me, it hasn’t had much work yet and there’s not much in the way of content. I’m working on that. Eventually it’ll be in Flash, but I just don’t have time right now, and am happy just to have <i>something</i> on there in the first place. :beam:

If you feel like commenting on it or hurling abuse, feel free. Once I’ve calmed down, I’ll reply. :stuck_out_tongue:


thats pretty sexy for a placeholder, good job!

that looks really nice kit, but you should probably do somethin about the empty white space all around it…
i like it cuz it has funny english spellings… like coloUr

nice job:beam:

i think it would kinda cool if you have different kind of flowers for each section :slight_smile:

It <b>is</b> spelt ‘colour’, 28… That’s the proper way. :beam:

Thanks for the comments and ideas guys, much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Yor wroung.

Nope, I am never wrong. :beam:

good point

btw… i like the pic for soul… haha

Why do I think a lot of people are going to like that one? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehehe :thumb:

  • Soul :s:

Very nice! =0)


Very nice kit. It is indeed sexy for a placeholder :slight_smile:

I am so happy to see you finally working on this :slight_smile:

the site looks nice:)

but in the web design section, i cant click the flash design link.

Thanks Lost, I’m not worthy. :slight_smile: <b>Does the thing from Waynes World</b> :stuck_out_tongue:

Replode - lemme check that link…

[EDIT: Well spotted, I’ve just fixed them. [/EDIT] : Site of an ActionScript genius.

:blush: awwww thats so sweet kit :blush:

Now that you have a site finally I will be adding you to my links section tonight :slight_smile:

Well I could hardly leave you out, could I? :blush:

You even linked to my site, it isn’t even finsihed yet :love:

  • Soul :s:

wow that looks real nice!

*Originally posted by Soul *
**You even linked to my site, it isn’t even finsihed yet :love: **
I wasn’t going to forget you either. :love:

Thanks Mdipi. :beam: