Reply to this thread to submit a site (Week 1/31-2/6)

If you wish to be considered for the SOTW for January 31 through February 6, 2003, please read the summary of rules:

  1. Reply by Thursday, February 6 to be considered for this week’s award.

  2. Include the URL and your email address. Only the webmaster/creator of the site can submit.

  3. Websites submitted must be at least 90% Flash. Sites that have HTML pages with a Flash intro are ineligible.

  4. While it is understood that sites are perpetually under construction, please submit only complete sites. Do not submit a site that is less than 80% finished.

  5. There will be a private poll among the moderators and a winner will be announced on Monday, February 10, 2003.

  6. No critiques or feedback is allowed in the submission thread. If you wish a concentrated critique of your site, you may start a thread in Site Check.

For more information or questions, please refer to the comprehensive rules for SOTW. Once you have read and understand the rules above, you may submit your site to this thread. Sites not adhering to the rules above will be disqualified and deleted. Submitting your site is an agreement and acceptance of the rules.

I would likt to give it a try

email address: [email protected]

thank you

Why not I’ll give it a bash! My band

email: [email protected]


[email protected]

check it out:


I’ll try with my attempt at a simplistic site

[email protected]

[edit]Disqualified: Read the rules![/edit]
It’s o.k,it’s o.k…:whistle:

[email protected]


Count me in…


■■■■ !

I missed two weeks ! Very busy…

well, here’s another one :

>> HUB.lo (in english version for y’all)

I made all graphx and sounds, and my man Franck Sinatra coded it.

hint : watch the how to play section before beginning or you’ll miss some features.

hint2: watch the trailer (link is on the home page). I find it pretty nice.

e-mail: [email protected]

[email protected]

The Site: :A+:

The Email: [email protected] :hair:



Email : [email protected]

Thank you


100% Flash site using a database everywhere the info is subject to change. It’s about one of the biggest condominiums promoter in Montreal, Canada.

website :
email : [email protected]


The results are in:

350z - 0%
skidpanda - 0%
slayerment - 50.00%
[COLOR=red]alty29 - disqualified (rule 3, and 4)[/COLOR]
[COLOR=red]upoint - disqualified (rule 3)[/COLOR]
n9com - 0%
apertureboy - 12.50%
yamo - 0%
firstreflex - 0%
darkstarclone - 0%
neo - 37.50%
whitedevil - 0%

The winner is SLAYERMENT!

Congratulations slayerment. You may also post a graphical award from this page:

Good job to all the participants. One of the valuable aspects of SOTW is to get valuable feedback about your site and get an idea of how well it stands beside some of the best on the web. Check back later as mod critiques will be posted later today.


Nice site. Easy navigation. Good transition and loading screen. Overall a good site. :slight_smile:

nice site, well designed, with a good navigation. It reminds me a bit of Billz site, even though it “lacks” the extreme simplicity which was so charming. What I don’t like: the screen is too busy for me, I don’t like the music and that blue transition could be improved, I think.

None of your music choices seemed to fit your sites mood (although I do love the Mellencamp song, it just didn’t fit). I found that sometimes the text was hard to read over the background image. And it kinda does look like billz site. Some animation can be choppy and could stand to be smoothed out. Overall good site with simple and easy to understand navigation though.

It took a little while to load, but I loved the main page of this site. In fact, all the backgrounds were beautiful. The sky with the flying birds across it was a nice touch and the transitions between pages were well thought out and animated.

Designwise, it’s not as cleanly executed. The different parts of the site don’t blend together as well as they could; ie: the cartoon logo does not match the bright, photographic oranges, don’t really complement the ocean which doesn’t really work with the techno-inspired interface. These separate artforms work well separately… maybe you can combine a couple with good results… but using too many styles at the same time, makes for a slightly noisy site. However, 350z’ design capabilities are above average. 350z is extremely easy to navigate. The font is a bit too small to read in some areas, but overall, it’s a good site.


Couldn’t comment, the site was down…

pop-ups, no site :skull:

I am sorry man. I waiting until about last minute to place my vote to see if your site would be up, but it just wasn’t. I know that is not your fault, servers can be fickle like that, but I cannot critique or vote on something I can’t see. Unfortunate I know, sorry.

This was down, I’m afraid, so I can’t comment.

It was up when I posted the poll but it seems to be down at the moment… better luck next time.


Nice simple site. Easy to navigate.

Excellent site! Great motion, great colors, great details: exactly my kind of site I particularly like the transitions, and the panels at the bottom of the site, News, Featurd Site and Audio. Great work, really.

I think I’ll go for Slayerment, even though Sanjay design and yamo are really good too.

My exact style of site. I LOVE lines like that, and the look was compact yet not TOO compact. The transitions were smooth, the site was smooth, simple and functional. A++ from this ranger man.

Again, took a long time to load. All very nicely done, smooth animations and all, but a lot of loading required. Well laid out, but didn’t like the colours much. shrugs

Excellent site! Very usable and I find the layout to be quite refreshing. Flashers often stick to a horizontal 800x600+ layout, but I like that this site is vertical (even if it does require me to vertically). The initial loading took up quite a long time though, and each section required me to load some more… I think slayerment should look into better methods of optimizing this site. He also uses that slanted pattern too much at the top. Other than that, I think this is a great site and is bound to win SOTW someday.


Nice site. Pretty original design. Not a clone of 2A. Sound is good, maybe add a slight ambience…?

Nice-looking site, trendy, and with great ressources. But the site in itself is not very interesting.

There are a lot of great resources here, and the design is nice, but overall it isn’t too interesting.

Very pretty, but not much in the way of content… Just a lot of links. Looked nice, but didn’t thrill me. Sorry.

Flash is cool but that doesn’t mean every site can benefit from going Flash. Some sites are better left in plain HTML format. This site is a perfect example of this. Sure when I first loaded the base interface, I thought it looked good for a second, but beyond that, the site, in all honestly, was a complete bore. The text was too small to read without getting really close to my monitor and squinting. This site is basically a giant list of design links. Such a site would be better served in HTML format so that at least it is easily searcheable. I think some people forget that a sites layout is supposed to help display the content… not hinder it.


Nice site with good images. Could put some sound effects to good use however…

Very nice little site, with excellent pictures (much better than mine ) but the sliding trick has been done too many times. The site has a very good feel though (except the weird transitions).

The sliding effect is starting to become overplayed in the Flash/Web world now, so is the page turn effect, and the easing scroller from Crucial Limit. Overall good idea for a layout, but there are many overused effects jumbled into one layout.

I liked this one for its originality. Interesting layout and principle, perhaps a little bit slow, but there was a lot of thought put into this one. I liked it.

When the interface first loaded, I thought the interface was well designed and detail oriented (the paperclip, the post-it note, the way the polaroids were laid out. However each section required me to reload as if starting all over again. This was a little disconcerting. It’s too bad… this would be a great site.


Not really a site, but its a cool game. Can a game win site of the week?

Very nice game, with good graphics (but terrible sounds), and very challenging too. Hanging on plateforms can be difficult sometimes, which makes me want to smash my screen with my head. Anyway, I’ve been trying to make a plateform game, and I know how hard it is, so this deserves my 4 thumbs up.

Man yamo, I think you are overly talented in the ways of Flash, but this is a game. Technically I cannot consider a game as a site of the week. I do love the game though… I had tons of fun with it :slight_smile: Excellent work there, keep it up man.

Incredibly talented guy, but I don’t think this counts as a site.

I don’t understand why it was necessary to maximize the initial splash page. I don’t like it when people mess with my browsers, moreso when the content isn’t even going to be displayed there! Other than that… cool game. Nothing less than I would expect from yamo and excellent actionscripting by his colleague Franck.


Nice site with a good menu. Clean and simple. But like some of the others it seems to suffer a lack of sound. Not that I think that every site should have blarring music to it, because I usually turn the sound off if it does, but having sound effects on the buttons or something like that adds to the experience of the site. And you should also have the option for the “HTML” site no within the Flash site, but on the splash screen in two options…

Another great site, with a very good color scheme, an interesting menu, good transitions, great design… I’m not thrilled by the content, but the site’s definitely nice.

Not sure I understood what the whole scaling down grid thing on the site is for, it just seems like one of those “lets throw it in because it looks good” deals. The navigation was definitely interesting, not too often you see one like that. Nice smooth transitions and everything, but some sections seemed plain. It was all text with an image here or there.

Minimalist. I liked the funky menu system with the bendy dots… Clear and to the point.

Very interesting navigational system! It was unique yet simple and usable. In fact the entire site is very simple and clean… a sort of “less is more” approach. I think the placement of the logo could be improve a little… it kind of has a diminished spotlight having been placed in the lower right corner - the last place the eye is likely to travel. But other than that - I really love this site.


Site was done, but the IE default “unavailable” page was pretty cool looking :slight_smile:

Definitely not as good as the other ones. Everything is just too… big. The white background doesn’t really fit the rest of the colors of the site, and the overall design would need some more work.

Wow, some sections file sizes were large for such little content in them. 443Kb for one section, 114Kb for another. Some text was hard to read on the background image in your sections, and some items were a bit big.

415K? Plus more loading every time you open a new section? God help anyone using a dial up. Loading gripes aside, I just didn’t like this layout or design very much.

415k… this BETTER be good. I have much higher expectations when a site is THAT huge. And now that it has loaded, I am sad to report that my expectations haven’t been met. This site has a lot of potential. It’s a good beginners site but definitely not SOTW material. Each section also has an additional 20=400k to load - where is all this bloat coming from as I don’t see any high quality graphics, 3D, animations or tweens? Darkstarclone needs to find better ways to optimize this site. Design-wise, again, this is a good start. The site is fairly usable, and the content easy to read. The use of typography could be improved upon; the font used for the menu and the font for the content don’t appear compatible nor does the menu font seem to be a good match with the blue and orange scheme. The colors are good but used too much. Since all colors used are bright, it makes for an unclear visual hierarchy. But it’s a good shot… with a little work and more experience, this site could be up there.


Nice site. I like the transitions and use of sound. One thing “Always define you background color!” Your entrance page looks like this to me: Many people over look this part of their design because the default color is white on most machines but there are a small percentage of people that change the default color of their system and some of those people may be prospective clients. Other than that one flaw its a nice site.

Oh my oh my, it’s getting harder and harder to choose… I don’t like the intro so much (especially the sounds in the first part, but the presentation of the sections is a good idea) but the rest is amazing. I love the flashy colors and transitions, and the overall design. One thing: after some time, the transitions seem a bit long… But that’s one kickass site.

Your intro seemed to take forever to go by. Some of your sections transitions, as good as they were, seemed to take a while to go by as well. I do like the layout and colors though, and the idea is good. I love that bug… he is awesome You definitely added more to the “competition” here and made it harder to vote between some sites though.

This took, seriously, like 5 minutes to load up even halfway and I was staring at white space for that long. No preloader or anything telling me how much longer I had to wait. In fact, it never even finished loading, so I haven’t seen the content.

Another huge download… this better be good. First impression - that splash screen could be improved upon. It was pretty much a giant “enter” button… it should be decreased in download size or better optimized. At the very least, the “enter” should be have alt tags, so I can just click on it if I don’t want to wait for the graphical elements to load. Sanjay has an excellent logo. Very simple with a lot of personality. Designwise, he is clearly above average, however he seems to have the same color ssues as darkstarclone. Too much color used at the same time… noisy/messy visual hierarchy. Other than that… it’s an excellent site! Great usability and refreshing intersectional tweens and layout.


site would not load for me.

Nice clean look, but nothing crazy here. Good site though.

Smooth, clean, maybe too much blue. It seems to be all one color, just different shades. Good site, but nothing spectacular. Oh yeah, and tech note: The relaunch site link opens up a 404 so I have to go to the original URL all over again to relaunch.

Couldn’t understand the Frenchy bits, but I liked the colour scheme. Well laid out and planned, good pictures and smooth transitions.

A well executed layout. There is great type usage and all the design elements work well seamlessly. However, there just seems to be something missing… I can’t put my finger on it…

I am astonished! Thank you everybody for your support. This will encourage me to work harder on future projects. Thanks again all :slight_smile:

Congrats Slayerment :slight_smile:

I’m kinda disappointed honestly… I didn’t even win a single vote.
I don’t even know who the heck bill is.

I’m not questioning the system, they have come with their final decision, slayerman is the winner. I salute you.

and I’ll be back

■■■■, I should’ve been knowing a game didn’t fit in this contest :sure:

it’s ok, I’ll post a real site now :bad: