Not-so-serious Timeline of this Site

The site hasn’t had an About page in what seems like forever. As part of fixing that, I wanted to provide a fun little timeline plotting some of the major developments on this site:

Are there additional things that I should call out?



Cool! I agree most of those events are equal in importance to the dinosaurs dying.

The only thing missing is when you invented a time machine in late April 2010 so you could travel back to March and start writing about HTML before Steve Jobs said Flash wasn’t cool.

That <marquee> text on the geocities page was glorious. :smile:

Its like a clue in the National Treasure movies, dropping names of founding members.

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That marquee text needs a call out in this timeline :stuck_out_tongue:

kirupaVille is a fun and interesting entry. Is there anything else like that we did? I feel like there should be other things, but I guess kville was one of the more successful. Was there anything with our little avatar guys?

(from a swf I have on my domain timestamped: 2006-12-01 08:36)

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That is a good one to include!

It’s a good timeline! It’d be better if it wasn’t rendered out as an image, pretty poor accessibility for something that could work well as bits of styled HTML.

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That’s a good point. I’ll look into changing that in the near future. The convenience of just going from Sketch to something to plop on the web page really appealed to the lazy side of me :sloth: