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Is a preloader supposed to work with a 200 frames movie?

I ask this question because my preloader never show up.

You haven’t given enough information. I could make a 1 Frame movie that takes 6 minutes to preload as I can imagine tons of ways to eat up K’s with flash. The length of the movie is not relevent. And it is better to have Flash movies that are small enough (40-50K) that will not require a preloader. But if you have labored to make a preloader and want to see it run choose one of these options; While in Flash press control enter, when you movie starts in the previewing window press control enter again. This should show you your preloader. If you desire to see it on your website and haven’t yet, add something new to your Flash movie. Then FTP it up to your server and replace the files that are there. Then go to your site and watch closely. Because the file changed, your browser should get that new file (also depends on your browser settings) and you should see your preloader. Here is the address of an excellent preloader tute that I used for my site;


I hope this helped you.

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