3ds max4, photoshop.

Looking for a better font face if anybody could help me out there…

Comments are welcome :slight_smile:

and wat is it that im looking at?

lol, i also don’t know but i keep liking these 3ds/photoshop random stuff.

lol, I like 'em too :stuck_out_tongue:

I used the same basic method to make my old mercury wallpaper…

why don’t you draw the word by hand and scan it?
secures individuality :slight_smile:

oo i like it. i stil cant do them. oth well!

*Originally posted by ToyFiger *
**why don’t you draw the word by hand and scan it?
secures individuality :slight_smile: **

That would look realllly messy :-\

Maximal Beasts

i really like the main image, its cool and smooth, but the color of the text stands out too much, keep it at a light gray or something. also, try adding some trendwhore stuff or something else in there to spice it up.

*Originally posted by morse *
**That would look realllly messy :-\ **

why would it look messy?

firstly, just create and save a gif with a color scheme you like the font to look like, (e. g. 16 colors with different blue tones)

then scan your “drawing” where your word is drawn on clean, white paper with a black pen,

inverse the colours,

copy the word,

and paste it into the GIF mentioned before.

the word will take over the colors of the GIF and your “OBSESSION” would look great, depending on your hand-drawing skills :beam:

which i dont have. Plus the font needs to be very crisp to fit the piece.

Some constructive criticism :slight_smile:

Looking at the other images on your site, I get the feeling you finish them much to early. Like this image, it’s a good starting point but it’s not finished yet. There’s something missing from it, something that makes it stand out. Think bolder, if you want to make the chaotic chunks image with lightstreaks, play more with contrast. For example copy this layer a few times, set it’s mode to color dogde, motion blur it or zoom blur it, see what you like.

Also, not pertaining to this image, but your site, the section that says projects, it’s really just images, for the most part, a gallery. A project is more of an undertaking, where perhaps several elements where involved, basically something that needed quite a bit of planning and time to execute. Secondly on your site you should really put your BEST stuff there, and perhaps the experiments you make in a separate section.

For those two reasons I think you should reconsider some of the images you have there, for example this one:

Honestly, what is the point of that? It’s not even the beginning of an image, let alone a “project”. I’m not trying to be nasty here just making a point that it will make you look unprofessional.

Hum, just the kind of advise I need. Thank you very much!