Of all the gin joints

Gotta tell you guys what myself and my better half did on Friday

We went to the National Museum of Flight in Haddington, which is situated in a small abandoned airfield, and watched Casablanca on a full size screen.

The screen was really just a painted white wall, but we sat on the grass near the runway, beside the hangers out in the open and watched one of the greatest movies ever, as god intended, on a full size cinema style…ehmm…wall

In a crowd of about 200 it was fantastic. Everybody always remembers Casablanca as a romantic movie but they forget that it has it’s funny moments too, like when the police cheif closes the bar and Humphrey Bogart asks him why and he says
“I’m shocked, shocked to discover gambling is occuring here”
then a member of the bar staff approaches the chief and says “Sir, your winnings” :smiley:

By the time of the end on the movie when they’re on a runway at night, it was the same situation we were in, all sitting on a runway at night, classic.

If you haven’t seen it, please see it…you’ll not regret it :thumb:

Who knows, this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship…

That ending scene in the rain is so powerful.

ehmm…you mean fog don’t you mlk :wink:

But yeah the ending is powerful, particulary when the movie ends and you’re on a runway yourself with a couple of planes still on the runway, excellent. The planes weren’t moving or anything I think the fire brigade uses them for training but it was still very cool :thumb:

If anyone see’s these outdoor movie things, I urge you to go…it’s fantastic. Channel 4 (tv station in UK) did some last year and although I missed it I thought that their showing of the Shawshank Redemption in an closed (abandoned) prison would have been really cool. I didn’t go because it wasn’t near me but I wish I had now…