OMG, I've been UNFLUX'd

has anyone seen my hair? I had it yesterday, I just know I did…


Lol… hahahah… :stuck_out_tongue: !!!

Ho! Bradah Got sytle!

Is that you Rev??!?!? What happened?!?!

I see u kept the sideburns… you must be a hairstylist!

Yup, that is me from my keyboard’s point of view…


maybe its a kirupa thing… i’ve seen traces of this b4, vts’s post about that “grey cult”, now the shaving of heads… will we all be hairless soon and wearing togas and drinking koolaid?
i’m game :thumb:

nope, it’s more of “I don’t want to pay for a hair cut, and it falls out anyway” kinda doooo.

and the grey cult thing can be seen in the beard… some on the sides when there is hair there…

I’d shave the beard, but I can’t shoot pool without one anymore.


hehee, i cant shoot pool w/t a tequila. but that’s totally random. anyways, looks good :beam:

*Originally posted by Phil Jayhan *
**I cut my own hair as well; I do as good or better than the paid people, so…

pj :stuck_out_tongue: **

you still using a #4 bowl for that cut?


wow, I’m flattered that my hairdo has an official name :blush:

looks great rev! you must go to teh same stylist I do. :wink:

*Originally posted by reverendflash *
**you still using a #4 bowl for that cut?

Rev **

lol thanks, now I have half-ingested soda all over my keyboard!

on 2nd look rev, you kinda got that Fred Durst look going now…

thanks, I think… ::tries to think of Fred Durst, and if it’s cool to look like him::

My g/f freaked… she was okay with it, she was just very surprised… it was a ways over the collar before I UNFLUX’d it…



Nice work Rev - I have considered doing the same as I fear God has this evil little plan of making mine fall out in the shape of a horse shoe - ala George Costanza… hast really happend yet but I’m missing a few hairs (maybe it’s just the 25th birthday that’s got me scared :wink: )

I love how you kept the lamb chops - very nice. Your going to look a little more menecing now when shooting pool :slight_smile:

[COLOR=silver][SIZE=1]ps: i´m only laughing at you coz i´m still mad at you… you know, coz that style really suits you well.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

my boyfriend did that once. shaved his head but kept the sideburns. i was away at the time and heard about it over the phone at which point i told him i wanted the sideburns gone by the time i got back.


hehehe. i think sideburns are cute. specially when they are that angled type

I just couldn’t part with the sideburns…

keeps me away from the MR. Clean look…


I would not take being compared to Fred Durst as a compliment.

You might want to slap him with a trout for saying that…

here, i’ll do it for you. :trout:

well i think it looks good. kinda a spooky w/the camera that way though, otherwise it looks cool. adn fred durst shivers lets just say you DONT loojk like him