On vacation

Hey tout le monde,
I’m going skiing tomorrow (aahhhh!), which means I won’t Flash for a week (ooohhhhh!). You won’t see my ugly 0] for a while. snif Sorry if I broke your hearts into pieces…

pom 0]

Hey pom,
Make sure you send us all a postcard from wherever you are vacationing at :slight_smile: !


I think its too late for that. I don’t think he is listening…
Skiing down the hills with a babe in each arm.

yea baby! Go Pom!

wouldn’t it be tough to ski with a chick in each arm? wut would happen if he fell? would he use the babes to break his fall? or would he be a man, and absorb their fall, which could possibly end up causing him to seriously injure himself?

No, Pom is an experienced Phrenchman. He wouldn’t use the girls to break his fall, neither would he allow them to use his body to break their falls…But he would phind a way to kiss each of them on the way down so as they all would phall rather nicely…And of course, right into place…

Tune in next week phor another episode of Pom and his amazing body horts,

lol phil you kill me.

haha, that is extremely hilarious phil!