Once upon a time there was a little loadmovie question

…and the question was asked by Syko who wanted to know how to load a movie to a specific area into your movie. I mean if I have a movieclip “mc” in my movie and I want that movieclip turn into another webpage that loads when I press a btn.\rSomething like this maybe???\r_root.mc.loadmovie("<a href=“http://…”);">…");</a>\ror maybe some other way\rI tried to do it like this \ron (release) {\r_root.mc.loadmovie("<a href=“http://…”);">…");</a>\r}\rbut when I press the btn the mc disappears and it says\r* Error opening URL “<a href=“http://…””>…"</a> *\r\rAnd they lived happily ever after…\r\rSyko

Why dont you try the function:\r\rgetURL (“url”, “_window”);

I don’t wanna try that actions cuz I don’t want it to open a whole new webpage I wanna… like make frames in flash so that only one movieclip changes. (movieclip as a frame)

In your button, you can write the actions :

 on (press) {\r\r      loadMovie("mymovie.swf",_root.container) ;\r\r}

Where container is an empty clip. You can also load into level, but there are more restrictions.\rSomebody outta make a tutorial about loading movies, cause it’s a question a lot of people are asking. I have a lot of work right now. Jubby ?\r\rpom 0]

But if I load a movie no actions will work…\rDo I have to load these variables all one by one? …or is there a better way (I wish there is… otherwize I have to use getURL …I think…)

What do you mean, no actions will work ? Which actions ? Where ? Why ? When ? Whence ?? \rpom 0]

let me take a look at how to do it. and i’ll come up with something.

ok pom…i got the load movie thing to work, however, I think this is what he meant earlier. What i did was i used the loadMovie to load a SWF that i had my last website on. and some of the actions didn’t work. Any idea why? like my menu button didn’t work. I think it was because the button in that movie said to open _root.menu, but now did the root change now that I loaded this SWf into another? does this make any sense to anyone? am I even speaking english anymore? Tengo una fiesta en mis pantalones y todos son invitados…???

You’re Spanish ?? No… That can’t be…\rAnyway, that _root. problem is surely it. Try to modifiy your swf so that it never goes to _root. Try and use _parent. instead.\r\rpom 0]

thats exactly what i thought (no bull****ting you) :lol: I’ll make a tut for the load movie.

It’d be cool! :slight_smile: (the tutorial)