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guys…first post…how yo’all doing.

if you have any critical comments, likes/dislikes advice on my new flashMX site…would be appreciated.

thanking you muchly.

Pretty Slick. Looks great and navigates well. i liked the square grid that expanded on rolling over. It might be my location but it took for ever to download the site. It took 30sec before the preloader appeard. All and all very nice:)

i know what you mean about the preloader. how do i combat that? the preloader (and all the imagery seen with the preloader) is on the 4th frame, everything else on the 10th.

when i view the site live, the preloader only appears when 54% has loaded…when surely the 1st 4 frames don’t account for 54%!

Is your preloader in its own screen? If it isn’t you could try that and pass the % loaded variable from one scene to another. I don’t know what the script would look like exactly but it should fix it. I usaly always make my first preloader its own scene. Other smaller preloaders within the site can go with the main scene though. Hope this helps.:slight_smile: