Operating Systems Problem

Hey, I have a problem.

Current Computer:
Dell Dimension L1000R

C Drive: NTFS (Windows XP Pro)
D Drive: Fat32 (Plain data)

I want to install Windows 98 on my D drive and have two operating systems running at the same time. I need 98 up to run some games that just require way too much on XP and function very slowly. I called Dell, but they said that it can’t be done without installing 98 first. I don’t want to format or screw up my XP right now, I don’t trust Dell though because most of those people are somewhat idiots, is there another way out?


Hm, I have win2000pro and xphome runing
Took me forever to get it working and it is always a mess with the video drivers and stuff.

So i don’t really get your question, I guess you can make it by creating a partition on your d drive and format yust the partitition, but I guess you don’t have enough spcae on C to backup the stuff for this time.
Just ask a friend to bring his pc over or something.
I hope that was helpful :wink:

well, i can repartition my d if i wanted…but i wanna install 98 on it…but dell says that i have to install 98 first in order to have two operating systems…is that true?

I am not sure about that. XP has the boot manager… But I am not sure in which order, I couldn’t do something wrong with 2000 and XP :slight_smile:

how do i get to the boot manager? i’ve gotten to it before, but no idea how now

Just by installing XP or 2000 … and a second os

Actually just try to install 98, you can’t do something wrong if the partitition is empty anyway

well, i tried installing in xp, it gives me errors that my c drive is partitioned as NTFS, unless theres a way to tell it to do it to d drive…?

sure, just change the boot order and boot from cd, then you can chosse on which hd you want to install

how do i change the boot order?..in the bios?

Your computer will not boot from the d: drive. So… They make a cool device that switches the pri/sec of your drives on the fly between reboots, so you can have a clean install of each os and by the flip of a switch you decide which one boots up.


That is most likely the best way to achieve what you are looking for. =0)


i don’t think i wanna spend money on it, i was thinking of a software solution

Hehe, bla bla blubb.

Yes, you change it in the Bios. I hope you know how to do it. When you don’t know what your doing, ask someone, the Bios is fun to play with, but just when you know what ur doing… k ? :wink:

Here’s my bios lineup:


I’m not sure waht does the second and third one stand for though. My D drive is only a partitioned hard drive, I only have one physical hard drive. Can you explain.

i played around with the bios…screwd it up…but fixed…but stil no idea about the 98 problem

In the BIOS move the Atapi CDROM to the top of the list. Then when you insert the Windows 98 CD-ROM it should boot automatically.:wink:

I have an idea that might make it work though…

On the program or shortcut that works slowly, right-click and choose properties. Then choose the compatibility tab and mess around with the settings there… this is in XP.

Most likely the one you want is “Disable visual themes”

Good luck with your problem


true true…

Well, it’s not programs, it’s just games that I’m going to play such as NFSHP2 and BF1942

If I put CD ROM on the top, how would I make sure that it installs to D Drive instead of C?

If you change the boot device order it will go check the CDROM if there is a bootable device in it (thats your windows 98 CD), it’ll boot the cd up prompting you if you want to install it or not, after a while you will get to a stage where you can choose to either format/install or install the OS to a specific HDD.

Yes but that still doesn’t fix the issue that the computer will by default boot the OS that is installed on the c: drive. I did not know that you were using one physical drive partitioned into two logical drives. This complicates matters quite a bit. In this cas I would have to agree with the Dell tech. You would need to install 98 first, and you could not use NTFS at all. Even if you installed 98 on the d: partition, there is no way I know of to make it boot. Sorry bud…


alrit, i guess i can’t do it then…alrit, thanks anyways, i don’t think 98 will ask for which hd though…plus…the boot config might not recognize it…