Opinions on logo please


I would appreciate any crits you have for this logo. It’s for a site selling 3D models and assets.

Haven’t decided on a font yet, this one is temp I suppose. Do you think it goes well with the design? Should the grey be lighter? Text on the side or underneath?

smaller one:

Like the logo. A little trendy with the honey combs but i like how it makes the 3d box in the middle. Don’t think i’m too fond of the colors but they work. The test i dont’ like. Try some differnt fonts for sure.

i like it, smooth and simple. and i agree about the font.

i like it but the text ruins it.

I really like… it’s very clever. I don’t like or dislike the text.

Replode, every isometric 3d cube looks like the gamecube logo :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the replies! Text no good huh? hmm…maybe a thicker font, small letters…I’ll think about it some more.

I think if you make the grey a bit lighter it will look spot on. Have a play with some other fonts, but i don’t think that red will suit it.


yeah i must agree with the other forums readers,

with the font keep in the pixel theme but maybe a different colour and and a smaller size…

you did say it was a logo
so you shoudl make the actual design (which is awesome) the focal point while have the name not so bright

peace E1kO :thumb:

yeah logo is pretty good - I don’t remember having seen anything that looked like it (like many 2A logo ripoffs nowadays)…

And yes, maybe you should check a new font - doesn’t have to be a pixel font…