I need opinions please

I know this is not a full site…just a logo design. But this is my very first logo design, and I wanted some opinions on it. Good, bad, I dont mind…as long as they are honest.
I thank you all!


You should probably make the black text bigger, and move it away from the other text a little bit.

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**You should probably make the black text bigger, and move it away from the other text a little bit. **

since it´s not a site, it is a logo, you should have posted that on **Drawing and Design **section of this forum.

anyways, i think you got a good logo there, maybe if you make the white square a bit wider it would be better, it seems kindaof tight to me :-\

Good logo =)

[SIZE=1]large women…[/SIZE]

Yea, i was thinking I should have put in in the “design and drawing” section…but, that’s what happens when I think!
but, thank you guys for the feed back. awesome, glad to see it looks somewhat decent:stunned:

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**[SIZE=1]large women…[/SIZE] **

hehe…very true…(no disrespect to anyone)

I love the image and your concept.

Try increasing the negative (white) space surrounding the flower, and messing with some different text alignments.

Right align might look quite nice, with a good amount of distance from the flower as opposed to running through it.

eh…It is a good concept but I think it lack character and creativity. You could pull really good logo out of the name mixed with the rose. It does nothing to brand that company. I am not trying to be harsh or rude. But it is just a picture of a rose with serif font over it. Do something vector with it and maybe get creative with the lettering. But the final judge is the customer. I am nobody. If they like it I love it.

Thank you everybody for the “contructive critisism” i appreciate it. yea…it was a little “bland” but…my first logo, so of course they can olny get better. i had no idea what i was doing, hehe. but…the client decided to go w/ someone else :-\ not b/c of my design. but b/c the other person said the would do the logo and a website for free…so, …let em…b./c im not doing it for free!!
but thank you everyone. appreciate it.

Yeah $free.99 sux. I hate when that happens. But you know garrett keep them in your contact list. My experience with that has been that it is usually some kid or family member who just figured out they have front page on their computer and will use that stupid wizard to create a site. And it will suck. If you have the time create 1 simple page and keep it on ice. Contact them to see how it is going then if it is not going well show them what you have ready to go. I have actually won back 2 clients from situations like that. And if they still dont want you well hell you have a layout ready to go for someone else. SO nothing lost. Just a lil business savvy from my experience.

yea, deffinetly. she said she would keep me in mind.
the person that’s doing the site did this site…


so…i know i can do better than that…i happen to think that looks very…cheesy. but…that’s me.

but thank you for the pointers3diva!

Yes that is cheezy…I think he/she used swish to do the animations. Yeah put something together and pitch it to them again. You can definalty win this one back. BUt you may have to go above and beyond and do it for a really reasonable price. But the word of mouth advertising ou will get will be better in a long run.

hey 3d-iva, just curious…when is your site gonna be up. It looks very interesting! Just anxious to see it.
And thank you again for your input

I have this problem…I am addicted to money…I have been taking on clients at a mad rate. So I have not had the time to even do my site. Plus I work and we got a mad push for summer time release video games. I am looking into finding a good reliable subcontractor set up to release pressure off of me. But I have big plans for my site, I think you guys will like it. Ha your comment just got me pumped up I think I will devote tonight to working on my site.

haha, cool. glad to see I could aid in the process! get to work!:run:
lol, j/k
but yea…i dont know if you remember that crazy guy talking s**t, but…your splash page is deff. better than his whole site! lol