New Design - PLEASE comment :D

Hey guys. I’m working on a new layout/design for my portfolio site. what do you think so far? I’m hoping for some honest opinions about whether I should carry on with this style as it is, or change something, or maybe even start again if it’s that bad! Also, what do you think about the motion of the boxes? This was my first attempt at easing (prepare for many questions over the coming months!) :wink:

there’s no content yet, but you can get the jist of style.

Note: when you click on a menu item, everything will shift to the left and a content window will open.

Comments plz!! :smiley:

it ain’t much but it’s there. It surely has a nice look. But i don;t know how you will show the content but i like what you got there.

It’s all pritty small and i don’t like is that above about in the about menu is a blank spot.

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**It’s all pritty small and i don’t like is that above about in the about menu is a blank spot. **
Im trying to think what else I can put in that box! :smiley: yeah, atm it’s designed for a minimum res of 800x600 - whats the maximum recommended size canvas for a minimum res of 1024x786 (if that makes sense ;))?

Thanks for your input!

well for 800x600, the width can’t be much more than 775px and the height around 380px so no scrollbars will appear

for 1024x768 the width can’t be much more than 1000px and the height around 600px

i like the idea of the site…it’s hard to tell how much i like it until i actually see the box with content. right now it’s looking awfully small on my 1024x768 settings.

keep up the good work


Really like it…
keep goiin and u’ll go straight in a ksotm ! :slight_smile:

congratulation, nice pixel layout

cool, thanks! I’ll post an updated version later :wink:
stay tuned :beam:


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**nice **
hehe, thanks!

btw, I’ve updated again! woo! is the page slightly too wide atm…? on my pc it’s not, it works fine, but on this pc (my dad’s) the scrollbars become visible :confused: I’ll make the stage slightly smaller! anyway, what do people think? it’s a bit easier to tell how it’ll all work now I think.

oh, and a feature I just built in: everything (except the logo) is draggable about the stage. what do people think of this? wirth it? no point? nice to play with? In fact, if people think I should change the layout of the main window and/or nav menus - feel free to set it up as you think it should be and do a Print Screen! :smiley:

Comments, as always, are greatly appreciated :wink:
(^^in case you can’t be bothered to scroll back up ;))

NICE site ! I like it !

What Frame rat are you using ?
is there a preloader ?


yes, there’s a preloader, but the content is so small atm, it’s non-existant :slight_smile:
and all the movieclips are at 30 fps :slight_smile:

more to come a bit later! :wink: