Party Angel

As of Thursday, I won’t be around for a week. I won’t have vanished off the face of the earth, I’ll just be sunning myself in the Algarve. :stuck_out_tongue:

Watch out Portugal.

God, it’s a hard life I tell you. But someone’s gotta do it… :cool:

OMG!! Everybody’s leaving!! :hat:

Ahhh, but not for good.

And we’ll all be thinking of the rest of you while we’re sunning ourselves, never fear… :slight_smile:

Portugal = amazingly beautiful… lucky girl!!! ENJOY.C:-)


Have fun!! =)

Kirupa :hat:

lol, I wish I could be in the sun…it would be quite redundant because the last thing i need is a tan =) Besides, having vegetated in front of my comp for most of my life, I have grown a strong distaste for poisonous substances such as the usual irritants: sunlight, green things not inside the computer, and the strange gas called pure oxygen.

Kirupa =)

Hey Kit, have fun in the sun!

Don’t forget to take pictures:evil: (just kidding)

Oh yeah, my modem went down for a little while tonight, so I got really bored and I started making an image, and it made me think of you, so I remade it into a footer size image. Nothing against your current one, but at 2am with no internet, an insomniac needs SOMETHING to do.

Well here it is if you like it you like it, if not then you don’t, no hard feelings, I was just bored:)


(2:30am and still hyper as anything)


First I don’t have a footer for like, <i>years,</i> then I get two in such a short space of time! It’s lovely!


Maybe I can rotate them, get a time share thing going?

I guess there really is quite a lot you can do with angels. Er… In a tasteful way I mean. Er. Yes.

Or you could do what jubba does and create a flash file that rotates the images every time the movie loads:)

Good idea. I will give that consideration when I return from partying in the Algarve.

30 minutes to go! La la la la… No work for 8 days. Ah, bliss!

I hope you have much fun on your vacation=)

Vacations are good…