Personal site

HI everyone-

This is my personal site and the first time I’ve ever used Flash to do it… so it’s not as advanced as some of these other sites on here!! Anyway, any feedback would be great.

Also, is there a way that I could have it so that no matter what size browser you are using the content on the page is always in the middle with no scroller on the far right?

Thanks guys!

ooh, forgot to add: there isn’t anything in Passions yet so the button doesn’t link yet.

looks good, but I would change the teal to something more elegant. Also up the frame rates!

Keep it up!

Only comment is to maybe use a better font for the textboxes. Other than that its great.

I’m guessing the current frame rate is at the default of 12, coz everything looks pretty choppy. Update it to 30 and the animation will be much smoother

Maybe you could also add a a bar or an object indicating how much of the movie has loaded? It’s a little annoying for dial-uppers (like me :frowning: ) to have to wait, not knowing for how much longer.

I like the effect on the homepage, and the over all style of the site; one last thing I would suggest is that you make the rollover animations on the mavigation a little more… animated (snazzy even).

With a little refinement and tweaking, this should shape up to be a very lovely site :beam:

two things-better color and better font. the rest is great! good job!!

what do you recommend for a font? color? I really like the teal, not sure what you mean by choosing something more elegant.

upped the frame rate and yay! runs much more smoothly. I like the suggestion of making the navigation a bit more snazzy…going to work on it.

thank you for the critiques guys! if anyone else has any more suggestions let me know!

font-use century gothic
color-if you absolutley need to use green, try something darker… maybe like this-