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I click on your logo to enter and I get a “Page Cannot Be Displayed” error. Server Down? Link Error?

Also, you forgot to add your e-mail address. The rules for entering SOTW are in a sticky thread in the SOTW forum.

The logo is nice so far:)

I couldn’t open it :*(

yeah baby yeah

Hmm… I have to change that line, baby. A bit too shaggadelic I guess. But then again, I think Harry Potter doesn’t have enough Mojo, so…

[size=1]page not found

pom - nothing a little potion couldn’t fix, i’m sure… :nerd:


Pom can’t use his magic in this realm :frowning:

sorry for the inconvenience, i never knew that it doesnt work on others pc until you told me. thanks for the concern. ill post it again soon until its up and running. thanks again lostinbeta.

[email protected]

yeah baby yeah

No problem lewis:)

check it out now!


Looking very good man! Yeah baby!!

its 264kb alright, but i feel like i was downloading a 3000kb file :frowning:
nevertheless… the site is good :slight_smile:

Hey, that is pretty good so far. Not to nit pick or anything, but I believe you made a typo “the site is on progress” should be “the site is <i>in</i> progress”

I wasn’t sure if that was just an error of if you intentionally did that.

err forgot one thing…
I like the second one
I mean, both of 'em are good… but I prefer the second one…

second one? There is only 1 site…

ahhhh shoot…
I posted on the different thread :frowning:

thanks guys.

i really appreciate your concern. ive just made the correction on the typo, it wasnt intentional though.

thanks again. hey lostinbeta ur site is pretty neat.

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Thanks lewis :slight_smile: It isn’t in Flash though:( otherwise I might submit it for SOTW =) HAHA, just kidding on that one.

hey lostinbeta,

check this site half project a lot of great sites are there. try to post yours.

your interface is cool! its not flash but the feels like it!

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