Phil needs a new look?

I think Phil needs a new look! So many posts, same look, your footer and avatar must have a lot of miles on them. New look?

i think he should get a picture of him in the new car…like waving through the front windshield lol


instead of complaining about how Phil should change his look, why don’t you design something for him, so he can change his look…


it’s a good word…



nah maybe with his head out the drivers window like ace venture rotflmao




can you post a pic of your car?? lol

he just did earlier today…



thanks rev ill look into it :wink:


amazing what happens when you aren’t online huh?



yeah i havent been online for 2 days and thats bad i miss out on alot of good fun stff lol

mario has a baby girl and philbo gets a new car man i wish i could have a computer in my braing on the net 24/7 so could constantly check posts lol

You mean you haven’t gotten your implant yet Phil?

I’ve had mine for a couple days now, and it is great!

very little discomfort…


rev! hush that talk up! Pro-active!? hah! There are only minor league players here!

Besides…do something phor phil?