Photo gallery tutorial

Hello there,

I am having some difficulty getting the photo gallery to work. The problem is in the code:
this.PathToPics = “animation”;

When I get here in the code I put in the direct path where the file “animation” is stored on my hard drive so it looks something like this:

this.PathToPics = “c:documentsandsettings/art/flash/flashprojects/animation”;

I was using the folder with the animal pics in it named animation.

Anyhow, when I go to test the movie I get a message:

Error opening URL “c:documents and settings/art/flash/flash projects/animationimage0.jpg”

can you tell me how I am supposed to target this file on my c drive?

Also, is there any other code that could be added to this that would allow for the photo show to move on it’s own ever 4 seconds or so on a continuous loop?


Just put your file in the same folder that contains your animation folder… save the trouble.

As for the code about continuing it as a slideshow, there probably is, I don’t know it right now though.